financial support

If you have more than you need and would like to support an ecological project, we would be thrilled to hear from you. There are so many projects waiting to be realized, but due to the lack of financial funds they are put on hold. 

We need a new well, fences, a wind turbine and a big dream is a bio-gas composter.

The biggest dream of all would be to establish a foundation which would safeguard Campogrande as a place of learning and inspiration also for the future.

However, there are the small, daily needs as well; vet for the animals and feed for Winter. The income generated by the sale of the products never covers these needs. This winter especially we are in desperate need for a new and bigger stable to keep our donkeys dry and warm. Many of the animals are rescued from terrible conditions and we so very much thrive to provide them with a safe, healthy and peaceful environment. Also we need to castrate seven stallions before Spring arrives.; at Euro 300,- per animal, a rather substantial cost.


Hands on

There is always work to be done and helping hands are more than welcome. It is amazing how much work one gets done in a group of people. If you feel you might like to invest your muscle power here on the land, please get in contact.


little and big things



Be it power tools, shaving horses, hammers and screw drivers, bandsaws etc. If you happen to have too many or no more use for them yourself, we would be happy to give them a new home here.


building material

Any sort of building material that is sustainable is welcome. New guest accommodations are planned (mud building, tree houses and simple cabins). 


20 hectares need to be fenced in to allow more grazing ground for the donkeys. fence posts etc are needed. 






animal welfare

We are looking for farrier tools the keep the hooves of the donkeys nice and healthy.

rare organic seeds and plants

We are always looking out to find organic seeds and plants of old, almost extinct types.