The sound of horses chewing is a vivid childhood memory. Often I would remain in the horse stable in the evening, just to enjoy the sound of the animals munching away on their hay.

In the video, when you turn up the volume, you can hear that lovely sound; the donkeys peacefully chewing away on their oat straw. Even though donkeys don’t take well to nutrient dense feed, this straw is too poor to truly provide them with all the necessary nutrients. I try and make up for it by also providing them with olive branches and outings to pastures where still a little grass may be found.

And here I am again, again asking for your help and support to get the animals through Winter. Asking for help is not an easy thing to do, but this year it really is necessary.

To provide the animals with enough hay to eat and straw to keep them warm through the Winter, we need to raise an amount of Euro 2.300,-.

Under “Support Us” you’ll find an easy and quick way to make a donation. Thank you very much, indeed.