Mostly everyone knows about Black Friday, that is to say, the day after the US feast of Thanksgiving which is regarded as the first day of christmas shoppping.

We even have Black Friday here in Italy; Chiusi, a nearby town (in Tuscany) had its own Black Friday sale. Cross cultural fertilisation is a rich tapestry yet it seems that in this case, we have succumbed  to an endless entreaty and enticement to buy more and more things. Arguably, these are mostly things we do not need. Who's to say? We are to say! But are we able to do so, given the increasingly disconnected, distracted, on-line, stressed out lives we lead? Stress makes us liable to make impulsive choices we later regret. Not to worry, throw away the things - or hoard them somewhere - and buy more things! This cycle damages the planet. It also damages our relationships to others and to the world community at large. For those of you who haven't yet had a chance to see "The True Cost" film we urge you to see it; or if you have seen it,  watch it again. The main message about the perils of consumerism and fast fashion applies to other forms of industry and how we live our lives. Its message is universal. And it is unequivocal. We must act. We must engage. Show up for your own lives as well as the lives of all others. Today is Giving Tuesday, a day of giving, of donating time, or money or goods. A day to reach out and engage in your glocal community. Help us at Campogrande to help you to curate this beautiful, one time only, exhibition of a planet. Help us to encourage all of us to be better caretakers. Join us by making a donation (small, medium or large!). Join our communal bid to do better. Because we are capable of so much more than being mere consumers.