It is so easy to become overwhelmed by the reality of climate change.

The more we learn about it, the more we observe and experience it in our own communities not to mention in the global community as a whole, the more we also risk remaining paralysed in a state of helpless anxiety. At Campogrande, we are dedicated to educating people to engage with climate change in a proactive way. We urge everyone to make informed choices about the way we live our day to day lives whilst being sensitive to the longer term impact on the planet. We have also found that by working on the farm and by taking care of the donkeys in particular, we are forced to be present in this here and this now. The donkeys are part of our purpose. They show us how to participate, to engage, to be present. This also fosters community both in real time (visitors) and with our on-line community of friends and supporters. Who knows, maybe a  classroom of inner city children would like to learn about donkeys. E.g a year in the life of a donkey and thereby learn about eco-systems, another species, and also the sheer fun that donkeys provide e.g write a day’s diary entry as though you were a donkey..! Join us in being proactive about climate change and about learning about the beautiful bio-diversity of this planet of ours which is currently under threat. Make this donation participatory, designed to avoiding climate change inertia. And perhaps in so doing, you will start to notice other causes in your local community which align with these values and which you could commit to through donations or by volunteering time. Transform the anxiety generated by the challenges of climate change into a cause you believe in. Make it your purpose to do so. And if we have inspired you to do so, we'd love to hear from you. And to all you teachers out there, if you would like to create a writing project using our donkeys for inspiration, let us know! 

In order to be able to continue to inspire, we need your help; especially this Winter. Under “Support Us” you’ll find a quick and easy way to make a donation. Thank you very much, indeed, any help is needed and most welcome.