Donkeys and Nutrition:

Many people don't know that if donkeys eat too much fresh grass, they are in danger of developing high sugar levels which may cause a condition called laminitis, an extremely painful inflammation which affects their hooves and may be lethal. We are only now starting to realise the impact of high sugar levels in human beings which can lead to diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other inflammatory diseases. Indeed, the statistics are shocking and reveal the need to address this head on. At Campogrande, we ensure that our donkeys have a good, balanced, diet and that their sugar levels are kept in check, and in so doing, we are reminded of the need to do the same regarding our own diets, a lesson we share with all of our visitors and friends (check out our delicious recipes!). By looking after the nutritional needs of our donkeys, we are also (re) learning to do the same regarding our own diets. As the saying goes, "All  good things in moderation!"

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