HUG A DONKEY! Donkeys are not only intelligent but they are also highly attuned to others.

They are therapeutic to be around, (indeed, an entire branch of therapy has been developed with donkeys) and are great for kids (young and old!)  to learn about the dynamics of non-verbal interaction and a great way to entice them away from their screens.  Hanging out (and hugging!) donkeys is a great way to develop communication skills which can strengthen connection, empathy and community. Visitors to Campogrande who have had a chance to spend some time with our donkeys have spoken about an amazing, unforgettable experience and have come away transformed. During the holidays school children in summer camp come to the farm to learn about nature and connect with the animals. Help us share this transformational experience as a gift to our donkeys, to all those who wish to visit us and to meet the donkeys and to strengthening the connection and community of humanity as a whole.

Holistic Empathy for nature and Holistic empowerment & engagement to nurture (education) -transferable skills that are overarching about how we nurture nature.

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