The first frosts in the morning are a harbinger of Autumn changing into Winter. 

We still have not finished the olive harvest, but a spell of rainy days keeps us locked up in the house.

Our little sanctuary has 17 donkeys now and maintaining so many animals is starting to become a very challenging activity, mainly for financial reasons. In eleven years we managed to have everybody fed in happy more or less by ourselves; now, however, we face some rather big projects where we desperately need to raise funds. For this Winter we urgently need a new and bigger stable to keep all animals dry and warm. 17 donkeys need quite a lot of hay and straw during the Winter. And as not to let them procreate, we have to castrate seven stallions, which amounts to Euros 2500,-, which is however the smallest sum needed. We are asking for your help. Please help us to keep the animals safe and healthy and allow us to provide a home for other animals in need.

On the website, under “Support us” you’ll find a button “DONATE”, which allows to make a donation comfortably through PayPal. If you choose to donate directly through a bank transfer, contact us via e-mail.

It may be a good counterweight to Black Friday’s spending craze.

Thank you for your help, it is desperately needed.

#givingtuesday #whitemonday.