Farm life is always busy, there is constantly so much to do, mostly more than two hands can actually accomplish. The grounds, the animals, the veg garden and, of course the herb pharmacy and the production of cosmetics require a lot of dedication and time.

Than I feel a strong responsibility towards the community I live in; to have a functioning society one must take an active part its wellbeing. Voluntary work is one of my ways to give something back to a community that has provided me with a home; I am on regular shifts doing ambulance duty.

Than there is family, the wish to build something up together, seeing a project thrive and to provide for the future.

An enormous amount of energy is required for all this. But where does it come from, what is the source of inspiration? I believe it is gratitude. I am so thankful for all the wonderful things happening in my life, for all the fantastic people who are part of my life - in gratitude I feel love.

And right now the feeling of gratitude is almost overwhelming, thank you. However, so is sleepiness and the need to rest the body.

My twopence for tonight.

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