It’s been more than three months now, that I’ve been fasting. Well, no, it may feel like it, but it has only been nine days. Yes, the first three /four days were, as always, difficult: fatigue, headaches etc. But then everything was fine, I felt great, light and full of energy - until yesterday… my thoughts were all about food. I could only think of all the lovely dishes I wanted to prepare and working in the veg garden was pure torture: ripe strawberries, fave beans, deliciously smelling herbs. The thought of taking a bite of something green, fresh and crunchy was more than sweet, I was longing for the feeling to chew and swallow.

Fasting is something I do regularly to give my body a sort of reset. When I am preparing for something new, when I need clarity in my mind or when a different sort of energy is required for healing work. Well, this time I am missing the aspect of focus a little and I am observing myself behaving like a teenager. Mind you, I am still on the fast, lets see where it might lead to.

Food is our first medicine and it truly is able to perform miracles (and disasters if the wrong type and too much of it is consumed). However, what people consider to be food, has changed drastically in accordance with the desires of a rather superfluous industry. Rule of thumb: be hesitant of foods that come in packaging, when food is a product sporting ingredients and perhaps an advertisement - it is not food anymore. Highly processed and refined foods are dead. Try to look at food like your great-grandmother, anything she would not have used or known is probably wise to refrain from.

Preparing fresh food from scratch surely is the healthiest way for your body, community and the planet. If you cannot grow your own, buying your groceries at a farmers market or directly at a farm is possible even in the biggest cities of our planet. Like this you support directly local farmers without giving money to big corporations, get fresher and truly ripe produce.

And when at the market, go for the leafy greens that have already been nibbled at by insects. Why? Because they are amazingly good for you:

I strongly advocate a 100% plant based diet, 51% of which should even be raw food. And now I am telling you to go for the ugly and damaged veg as well. Because plants talk, they communicate with each other and also with insects by the means of so called plant volatiles, a phytochemical released normally in small amounts in the leaves.

When a leaf is damaged by herbivorous insects, many more plant volatiles are released. Exactly which plant volatiles are produced varies both by the plant species and by the species of insect eating it.

But why do plants do this? Well, these volatiles attract both parasitic and predatory insects that are natural enemies of the herbivore insects eating the plant, it is the plant's way of recruiting help to defend itself. The plant attracts other insects that like to eat the very insects that are eating its leaves. Plant volatiles can even signal to neighboring plants to increase their defense responses too. 

Plant volatiles are known to have very strong anti-cancer and antioxidant properties - meaning, it boosts our health to eat them and protects our cells; we’re getting more antioxidant goodness when consuming those organically-grown leafy greens that have some insect holes in them. And most probably you can even buy them cheaper. Enjoy your food, I will have to wait for another week, but will surprise you with some dead easy and nutritious recipes then.