My blog entries will vary, sometimes they will be some concrete writings on plants, a sustainable lifestyle, maybe building, the Campogrande Agricosmetics or whatever thought occupied me during the day and I feel valuable to share with you. Like this my readers get to know Campogrande in a truly organic way.


Do you have some favorite items, things you care for and do not want to part with? I have lots! In fact, I try to have only those. Things that are of high quality, things that can be repaired, mended or given new life with a different use. 


My car is already 50 years old and can basically be mended with a screw driver. I did so just yesterday. It does not have a catalytic converter and no electronics that regulate the exhaust fumes. But it uses very little petrol and ran for all these years without producing waste. Only a car that has never been built may be called environmentally friendly. Considering that the average lifetime of a car in Europe is 9.65 years, calculating the grey energy of producing a car that is certified as eco friendly - I must say my trusted Fiat 500 is doing very well in comparison.


The idea of discarding something because it is faulty and replace it with a new item, has become very foreign to me since I moved out here in the green heart of Italy. In the beginning it was just an idea, which went along with the concept of a sustainable lifestyle. It made sense. But then something magical happened and it became love. There is such great beauty in maintenance, in caring, it opens up a completely new world. Many things have to be learned first, not as in acquiring a new taste, more as in knowing something from the roots up; like this, one develops a passion for caring and a wonderful ability to use one’s hands, to create and renew life. It may be a broken branch from a plant that is mended to heal or potted to grow new roots; an old, metal watering can that can be soldered to give it many more years of life - love comes with knowing, caring and creating. Isn’t this already a big slice of what life is about?


To use the notion of mindfulness has become very fashionable, there are millions of coaches offering workshops on the theme. You learn to walk in a mindful manner, speak or eat - I am sure their are workshops on many actions you can pay money for and learn in four days how to do them in a mindful fashion. Sometimes I find these ideas rather foreign and abstract, why not adapt them to everything you do and just call it your life?


Nine years ago I chose to live a life I would not need a holiday from. And truly I haven’t seen the need for one. My mind and my heart are so full, inspired by the contact with nature, giving birth to so many ideas - often I wonder how much time will be left to transform all of them into reality. Life is so short and for many years I was not following what my heart truly desired. No regrets here, but just such an incredible love for life and to create and grow.

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